The procedure of getting a sick-list

A patient admitted to an addiction rehab center is then required a document proving his or her residence in a medical institution. Some private clinics lack the opportunity to issue a legitimate sick-list, so the patient can be given only a doctor’s note or a hospital discharge summary. These documents legally are not valid to excuse the workplace absence and to claim for any sickness benefit. In such situations, people sometimes try to fudge the sick-list, risking to further harm their reputation in case the fraud is revealed when submitting the fabricated document to the accountant department at their workplace.

The Lasa Med center has authority to issue an official sick leave sheet (darbnespējas lapa) in a state-approved format for the clients who have been treated in the in-patient department for at least 1 day. The sick leave sheet is drawn up in compliance with all statutes of the Latvian Republic law.

Certainly many patients worry about the fact that the employer may find out their actual diagnosis. The Lasa Med center issues a sick-list where the certain diagnosis is not specified. This fully conforms to Law and responds to the principle of medical confidentiality. Therefore, in our center we guarantee the privacy of any kind of patient’s data.

The treatment of alcohol and drug dependencies in the Lasa Med center is conducted on a confidential basis (in accordance with : Ārstniecības likums, Fizisko personu datu aizsardzības likums) .