24-hour alcohol & drug treatment assistance
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Alcohol test only 5 EUR 1 EUR!

Don't drink alcohol and drive! Test your blood alcohol concentration at our clinic with a certified police breathalyser!

Call +371 27717023 and make an appointment or come straight to us - Lastādijas street 58, Riga

Lasa Med Medical Center is one of the most modern private clinics in Latvia, which has been providing professional assistance to people with alcohol, drug and drug addiction for 20 years. And also for people who have problems with gambling and nicotine.   

Treatment of panic attacks and anxiety on an outpatient and inpatient basis.

With both inpatient and outpatient services (including home visits), we help people recover from excessive alcohol or drug use.

A doctor and doctor's assistant/nurse are on duty at the center 24 hours a day.

24-hour hospital

Help after binge drinking, alcohol or drug intoxication. 24-hour detoxification, inpatient care. We have medical specialists who will help you if you have problems with alcohol, drugs, nicotine, or psycho-emotional trauma.


Outpatient care

Consultations with medical specialists, consultations with a narcologist, consultations with a psychiatrist. Counseling after psycho-emotional trauma, counseling for codependents.


House call

Home visits by a narcologist-psychiatrist. Alcohol detoxification at home. Pumping at home after alcohol intoxication, during withdrawal symptoms. Home visits throughout Riga and Latvia.



Phone numbers:

Hospital: +371 27717023

Home visit: +371 29164909
Accounts department: +371 29586640

Address: Lastādijas iela 58 (Maskavas iela 58), Rīga, LV-1003, Latvija

Services can be paid with:

Medical institution code 0100-00183.