Since alcohol dependence is a chronic disease that, if formed, will be present during the person's entire life, it is basically incurable. But the fact alcoholism cannot be cured radically, certainly doesn't mean that it doesn't require any professional care. It's a big mistake to think that in this condition "medicine is powerless". The most important thing is not to miss the right moment and to start ringing the alarm already when the first signs of morbid craving for alcohol emerge. If a "beginner" alcohol abuser is left in this situation alone, this will definitely become the beginning of morbid changes in his social life and psychophysical processes.

Generally, alcohol abusing people do not consider themselves dependent and don't want to be treated, so the position of the nearest and dearest is very important. It is very needed for them to convince their dependent family member to necessarily seek help from a professional. It is not worth hoping that it's possible to get rid of this disease using home remedies, or that the dependent relative may be able to keep his promise not to drink. Only an experienced substance addiction specialist can competently and objectively assess the gravity of the problem, find the right approach to the particular patient and reasonably motivate him to undergo treatment. Only in a specialized in-patient clinic, where the patient is round-the-clock under the care of a physician, the proper conditions for the dependency treatment can be created . Sustained remission can be achieved as long as the treatment had been started in a timely manner, resulting in complete withdrawal from alcohol for months and years. In the end, it turns into another saved life.