The treatment in our center

The treatment of all kinds of addiction in the Lasa Med center is organized as directed by the requirements of the National Health Service (Nacionālais veselības dienests) and complies with the rules imposed on institutions providing medical care. In Lasa Med the technologies and methods of addiction medicine approved in Latvia are used to treat the dependency disease.

The center is complete with all the necessary medical equipment for exact diagnosis and effective assistance in cases of alcohol and drug intoxication.

The admitted patients undergo all the examinations as needed to determine their condition, possible contraindications to the use of specific medicines, and to prevent the complications due to concomitant disorders. Along with that, a detailed evaluation of the patient’s mental health is being done via special psychological and psychodiagnostic tests. This way in our center we adhere to a highly individualized approach to health care.

In the Lasa Med center we perform such procedures as detoxification and the management of withdrawal syndrome (hangover) in cases of different addictions. The main methods of treatment are traditional: the intake and intravenous infusions of individually selected detoxicating, metabolic and antipsychotic medications and vitamins; besides that, our physicians put a special emphasis on the prevention of cardiovascular problems.
In cases of mild alcohol intoxication, the patient may receive one-time help with the stay in the clinic lasting up to 6 hours, or undergo a 3-day course of alcohol withdrawal syndrome treatment with daily outpatient visits to the center.
In severe cases, detoxification (the management of binge-drinking sessions) with subsequent rehabilitation takes 1-2 days. The patient is prescribed some special therapy, including intravenous infusions, antipsychotic drugs, medications in order to restore liver and brain functions, vitamins.

Having accomplished the detox course after binge-drinking does not mean yet, however, getting rid of alcohol dependence. The Lasa Med center also offers special supportive therapy for the prevention of relapse. We practice such techniques as individual (group, family) psychotherapy; suggestive methods (therapeutic suggestion, autogenic training, hypnotherapy); emotional stress therapy with the use of sensitizing medicines (drugs that cause aversion to alcohol, like Torpedo, Solafur, FS-Retard). Also we perform subcutaneous or intramuscularimplantation of sterile pellets of Disulfiram – the drug preparation of long-lasting action.

The evidence from practice shows that a complex combination of these methods together with the team-work with the substance abuse therapist and the patient's own will leads to steady long term results.

In patients with drug dependence the course of detoxification in the Lasa Med center lasts from 5 days. During this period the patient is assigned a number of different medications (painkillers, sleeping medicines, antihistaminic drugs, hepatoprotectives, as well as vitamins, etc.).

Detox therapy and fighting the symptoms of withdrawal is only an initial immediate step in the treatment. As an anti-relapse method, continuous Naltrexone (Revia) therapy is used in opioid-dependent patients. When administered, Naltrexone stops the addicting drug from causing the expected reaction, and an increase in its dose induces severe sickness.

In any type of dependence, supportive pharmacological treatment should necessarily be supplemented by further psychotherapeutic work with the patient. Thus, we strongly recommend every patient to regularly contact the Lasa Med center for psychological counseling in order to develop potent motivation for a pure sober life. A holistic approach to the treatment of dependence is a real chance to achieve a consistent long-term remission.

For more information about the treatment in Lasa Med, please call +371 29164909.