Lasa Med is an addiction detox and rehab center providing help to patients with alcohol and drug addictions since January 2005. The experience obtained within 10 years of practice gave us a possibility to branch out a 24-h/7-day inpatient facility in addition to our outpatient treatment center. Today Lasa Med offers all the necessary basis for the expert work consistent with health technologies and clinical recommendations, approved by the National Health Service (Nacionālais veselības dienests). The stuff team of our center consists of highly qualified certified specialists with a great experience of providing emergency care and further treatment for drug and alcohol problems.

The Lasa Med detox and rehab center offers round-the-clock outpatient care in cases of mild alcohol or drug intoxication, as well as in severe conditions requiring the counteraction to alcohol withdrawal symptoms (hangover), gradual detoxification and rehabilitation under the supervision of specialists in a clinical setting. Our facility allows the patient to be under the care of a doctor and a doctor's assistant around the clock.

In the center we also perform so-called “coding” – a procedure based on pharmacological therapy, individual psychotherapy, and if necessary – hypnotherapy, in order to create a negative reinforcement to the act of taking the addictive substance.

In Lasa Med center you can also obtain other services like:

  • substance abuse professional counseling

  • cardiological consultation

  • psychological evaluation

  • screening for psychoactive substances

  • family counseling sessions

  • in-home medical care

All cases of patient’s care management within the Lasa Med treatment center are strictly confidential.

In Lasa Med much attention is paid to create the most comfortable conditions for the patient to be fully focused on the process of treatment and rehabilitation. The cozy spacious wards are fitted with individual bathrooms, tilting beds with orthopedic mattresses, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV, nurse call buttons.

In order to create the ambience of privacy, we have a set of interior colors: the patient can choose a ward in "green", "brown", "orange" colour, etc. – the one he feels most psychologically comfortable in. There is an opportunity to use the VIP-chamber with a higher level of comfort or a 2-bed ward, so that a close person can stay with the client in our inpatient department. In the center everything necessary is provided for the people with disabilities. Also during the treatment patients receive varied top quality food: home-cooked dishes, natural juices, fresh vegetables and fruit. An individual menu (for example, vegetarian) may be arranged if needed.

Due to the diligence of our staff, in our center the atmosphere of agreeableness, tranquility, emotional support and mutual trust between the doctor and the patient has been reached, which positively affects the process of rehabilitation.