Information for the people with reduced capabilities

In the Lasa Med center we offer all the necessary conditions so that the people with special needs could get the help they seek. The facilities for this category of patients have been created according to the standards adopted in the EU.

From the very beginning, at the stage of setting up the center, we understood that drug dependency management might be needed for the patients with disabilities, since often these people start using alcohol and drugs to reduce pain, cope with psychological problems like the feeling of loneliness, despair, lack of importance, etc. Moreover, such patients tend to develop alcohol and drug dependency in much shorter space of time. Therefore, we aimed to ensure the availability of our services for this category of clients.

For the sake of convenience, considering the needs of patients with reduced mobility, the doors in our rooms have been designed with extra length to facilitate the movement in a wheelchair, as well as the special flooring with no thresholds or steps along the route. Toilet cabins are equipped with supporting handrails and other stationary devices. Though all medical procedures can be performed on the ground floor, free access to all premises at the territory of the clinic is also provided, including the possibility to lift to the 1st floor. Thus we maintain the barrier-free environment, which helps to make the process of treatment effective both for this category of patients and the staff.