Increased regular drinking

Gradually, occasional drinking turns into regular. Drinking episodes occur more and more often and on any occasions, both important and far-fetched. It becomes difficult for the exposed human to restrain himself, he starts looking for a cause to drink. During the periods of forced sobriety (family matters, the lack of money, extra working hours), such person develops impaired mood, feels as if something is missing, things seem not to be going right. But he already knows how to fight this uncomfortable state of mind: a glass of alcohol immediately raises the spirits.

Increased regular drinking is a condition when alcohol is taken not less than two times a week, progressively turning into everyday drinking.

And although at this stage the person is still able to control the amount of alcohol he drinks, increasing tolerance - the tolerability of larger and larger doses - can already be traced quite clearly. Together with that, the typical protective reflex disappears: even a very high dose of ethanol no longer causes vomiting. This means that the body's defensive mechanisms had been wasted and the disease took over.