The chief physician of the center

An "alcoholic", a "drunkard", a "drug addict" - in our society these words definitely have a negative, derogative, judgmental connotation. Nevertheless, for medical practitioners such a person is not an outcast of the society, but a patient who needs their professional help. Only a substance abuse professional can fully evaluate the severity of the problem and fairly work out how to help a particular person captured by drugs or alcohol.

We all know how difficult it is to take the first step - to sincerely confess to yourself: yes, I am dependant, I do not have enough strengt h to cope with the problem on my own, so I should seek help from an experienced specialist. But this step needs to be taken, otherwise the addiction may ruin your life and turn into a nightmare for your loved ones. You should give credence to the fact that proper medical care is able to set you free from dependence, help you get back to a wholesome being, to the job you enjoy and the family you love. And there is something to begin with - contact us and let it be your first move.

Our addiction detox and rehab center is a modern specialized medical institution that provides help to patients with alcohol and drug problems around-the-clock. Here you can entrust your issue to a team of professionals who have broad experience in the treatment of alcohol and drug addictions.

I personally am convinced of the effectiveness of our methods and the competence of our staff who would make every effort to bring a person back to a normal life free from alcohol or drugs.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Aleksandrs Jekimovs

Certified narcologist - psychiatrist,

Lasa Med medical center director