24-hour hospital services

  • One-time help (detox) for mild intoxication or withdrawal with pills and IV solutions while in hospital for up to 2 and 12 hours
  • Treatment of alcohol intoxication in the general ward (24 and more hours)
  • Treatment of alcohol intoxication in a separate ward  (24 and more hours)
  • Treatment of withdrawal syndrome of narcotic and psychotropic substances

  • Doctor narcologist, psychiatrist consultation
  • Doctor-specialist consultation
  • Codependent counseling
  • Supportive therapy using psychotherapy and sensitizing drugs
  • Outpatient drug and psychotropic substances test
  • Treatment of panic attacks and anxiety on an outpatient and inpatient basis.

  • Calling a narcologist - psychiatrist to your home throughout Latvia

We help people with the following problems:

  • Excessive use of alcohol, narcotic substances, psychotropic drugs, nicotine;
  • Problems with addiction in loved ones;
  • A state of depression;
  • Burnout syndrome;
  • Sleep, memory, mood disorders or changes after COVID-19, neuro incidents, trauma, etc.
  • Sleep disorders;
  • State of apathy, chronic fatigue;
  • Psychosomatic disorders;
  • Panic attacks, vegetative paroxysms;

Day hospital

  • Comprehensive diagnostics;
  • Development of a further treatment plan;
  • Express detoxification;
  • Symptomatic therapy;
  • A course of anti-stress therapy for neurotic disorders, vegetative dystonia syndrome, burnout syndrome, depressive states;
  • Vitamin therapy (recovery course)